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Grundfos utility range


Call our expert team when buying or repairing your pump.  Our team is constantly up-skilling and training on new pump models and applications; and will confidently recommend the right pump for your situation. Our Hokitika workshop is fully equipped for repairing and testing your existing pump no matter the brand and we have a range of loan pumps available if required.

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Dairy
  • Effluent

Authorised Agents for Grundfos and Yardmaster

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We can supply a huge range of consumables for your shed, including liners and any rubberwear, our designated Rural team will repair and service your existing shed or help design and build your new one. With experience and access to most leading brands of plant equipment, we can source other types of plant and parts on request to suit your on-farm needs and existing installations. Also Longveld Dairy Gas Hotwater and iron out filtration. 

  • Consumables, rubberware and chemicals
  • Dairy shed Plant maintenance and repairs
  • On-Farm Service Plans
  • Design and build, new sheds and water systems, including teat sprayers and automatic cup removers (ACR's)

Authorised dealer for DeLaval and Longveld




Plant testing

In typical New Zealand dairy herds, faulty milking equipment is estimated to cause as many as 40-50% of new clinical cases.  From December 2016 Annual plant testing is mandatory.  We have you covered!  Our three Registered Plant Testers - Ross Coleman, Hayden Hurley and Jeff Evans can perform on-farm plant tests, with minimal waiting time and will supply an in-depth written report enabling you to analyse your plant performance and make changes where needed to enhance your shed productivity.

  • Regular service and maintenance
  • Reduce risks of mastitis
  • Identify plant faults
  • Full written report.

 Three Registered NZMPTA Plant Testers


On-Farm Service Plans

We offer a range of on-farm annual service plans that can include annual plant test, consumables and the bonus of monthly payment plans.  Ask us about your customised on-farm plan:

  • Standard
  • Deluxe
  • Premium
  • Customised

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Three Registered NZMPTA Plant Testers

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We can design, build, repair, and maintain your effluent disposal system if required. We source most other pumps and parts on request to suit your on-farm needs and existing installations.  Our services include:

  • Travelling irrigators
  • Pond stirrers
  • Tethers rafts and walkway
  • Effluent screening
  • PTO and Electric Pumps

Certified dealer for Plucks Dairy Effluent Systems, Yardmaster and Hi-Tech Enviro Solutions

snap chilling

Snap Milk Chilling

DeLaval compact chillers let you cool milk instantly to safeguard milk quality and profits,  they enable the fastest method of cooling milk and are ideal for any dairy operation where the highest milk quality is required and traditional in-tank cooling is not sufficient.  The compact and robust one-piece design of the chillers has an integrated heat exchanger that heats water and lowers energy consumption and a design that reduces installation and maintenance costs. 

  • Possibility to cool milk on farms where traditional in-tank cooling is not enough
  • Provides fastest cooling rate of all cooling system types –> conserves milk quality
  • One-piece design makes it easy to install and maintain
  • Possible to install outside the building to conserve space


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Water tanks

When it comes to collecting, storing, draining or retaining water, nobody has more experience than Baileys. For over 40 years they're been manufacturing high quality plastic water tanks to help manage water on farms, in towns and for industries within New Zealand and Australia, we recommend Baileys for all your water storage requirements.

  • Classic water tanks
  • Slimline water tanks
  • Export water tanks
  • Underground tanks

Authorised Agents for Bailey

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