Yunca Wood Burners

The Yunca Wood burners have one of the most comprehensive warranty for any domestic heater available in the New Zealand today.  

All models have been tested and approved to comply with the clean air requirements of AS/NZS 4013:1999 sub 1.5g/kg particulates and 65% thermal efficiency or better, to meet national clean air standards, as well as tested and clearance approved to comply with AS/NZS 2918:2001.

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Monte - Base

MONTE - BASE is a stylish modern fire. Incorporating a cook-top, which adds functionality to any home.  The large glass area of the MONTE BASE maximizes the ambience only a solid-fuel fire can give, and the large door allows ease of refueling.  Changeable colour options available, there is something for everyone.


Monte - Euro

MONTE Euro with its sleek curved sides and front, convenient wood storage and large cook-top surface, make it a feature in any home.  The clean, efficient burning, great looks and functionally, make the Monte Euro a complete package.


Monte - Leg

MONTE LEG model combines style with the functionality of a solid cooking surface, a large door opening and a maximized radiant area.  Resting on four legs gives this model and attractive slim-line look.



WEGJ 2000’s economical running costs, large heat output and excellent clean air rating ensures WEGJ 2000 meets your family needs as well as those of the environment.  The large window allows more heat to circulate the room while enhancing the look and ambiance of the fire.  WEGJ 2000 with its wider pull down door, fits larger logs with ease.  Its timeless design ensures the WEGJ 2000 will always look stylish and appropriate in your home.



Oscar is a stylish modern unit, and the pre-set air control takes the guesswork out of getting the best from your fire. Just keep topping up the wood as needed, and the heater takes care of keeping the emissions as low as possible. Since it's pre-set at the factory for optimum performance, there are no user-controlled air intakes to worry about at all. Owners of smaller well-insulated homes appreciate the Oscar's natural good looks and less intrusive footprint.


Xander insert

Xander has one of the largest heat outputs in its class, coupled with an excellent clean air rating. This satisfies the needs of both your family and the environment.  The large window allows more radiant heat to circulate the room while enhancing the look and ambience of the fire.  Xander, with its wider pull-down door fits larger logs with ease.  Its stylish aesthetic will suit both new and existing homes.

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