Our rural team are lifestyle block experts.

Whether you need help with your pump, water troughs, piping, fencing or a spot of engineering, talk to our specialist team.  

Our designated Rural team enables us to offer a more comprehensive range of products and services to you, our valued rural clients. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in all things rural. 


General repairs and maintenance

From welding up a broken gate to repairing or servicing pumps, our rural team has years of hands-on experience and we pride ourselves on offering great service at a great price.

  • Small plant and equipment repairs
  • Broken gates, fences
  • On-farm portable welding
  • Advice and expertise
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Stock watering systems

We are a certified dealer for Grundfos pumps and can also source most other pumps and parts on request to suit your on-farm needs and existing installations.

  • Design and install a farm water system to suit your lifestyle block needs
  • Supply and install water lines and troughs, including wells and tanks
  • Certified IQP Backflow prevention technician, supply and annual testing
  • Dosing systems to ensure premium animal health
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Gates and Fencing

We can manufacture, repair and maintain any gates and fencing you may require, from simple welding of broken hinges, replacing of gudgeons, installing gates in yards, to replacing a fence line, or installing temporary fencing for winter grazing needs, call us at Jeff Evans Rural, we're here to help.

  • On-farm portable welding
  • Gates and yard repairs
  • Fence lines
  • Temporary fencing


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Water filtration and UV purification

Agents for Puretec water systems and Longveld Iron out Filtration, we offer a a wide range of water filtration products specifically designed for whole house rainwater filtration.

  • Basic sediment removal
  • Taste and odour removal
  • Bacteria protection
  • Customised to your needs


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