Keep every room warm and dry!

Over two thirds of the world uses warm water central heating to keep comfortable during the winter. Central heating systems warms every room evenly.   

If you’re looking for a clean, efficient heating system with reasonable running costs, look no further. Our central heating solutions are flexible to fit your project, whether big or small, residential or commercial, old or new.

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Plus Aluminium Radiator Grey 13


West Coast Agents for Central Heating New Zealand,  we supply world-renowned DeLonghi radiators. With their low water content, they heat up faster than most other radiators. DeLonghi radiators are designed to produce the greatest heat output from the most compact surface area. Completely silent when operating, they heat up and cool down quickly, so are ideally suited to New Zealand’s changeable weather conditions.

  • Flexible heating option
  • Faster heat up time
  • Silent operating
  • Suitable for new or existing homes
variocomp underfloor heating pipes

Underfloor Heating

A luxurious form of radiant heating that is evenly distributed throughout the room.  Hard floor surfaces are warm to the touch with no air being blown around. The system is totally hidden, takes up no wall space and is ideal for large open plan homes and lots of glazing. Heat from the underfloor system can be produced by air-to-water and geothermal heat pumps or boilers fueled by gas, diesel or wood. With economical running costs hydronic underfloor heating is becoming highly desired. 

  • Wall to wall, floor to ceiling distribution
  • Totally silent
  • Flexible running options
  • Economic running costs
Diesel Boiler with Manifold Covered

Diesel Boilers

Diesel boilers are a cost-efficient heating option for many homeowners because they are very energy efficient and have relatively low running costs, ranging from 14.8-16.5¢/kW depending on the boiler and the location of the home. They are also a versatile heat source in that they can heat both radiator and underfloor systems, and they can be placed inside or outside the home according to the needs of the homeowners. We are agents for the Firebird System Boiler, which offers:

  • Expansion vessel, pressure gauge, relief valve, pump, pump run on, low pressure switch
  • Suitable for central heating and indirect DHW production
  • Multidirectional flue options
  • 2 models, FB90SS: 840x505x600, FB120SS: 840x545x600
multitubo ceiling

Multitubo Pipe System

Multitubo’s pipe system products for underfloor heating and radiator piping have withstood the test of time, proving themselves to be top quality. We offer both PE-RT (polyethylene raised temperature) and composite pipe. The multi-layer composite pipe can be used for radiator piping and underfloor heating. Multitubo’s reliable composite pipe is Branz Appraised.

  • Suitable for hot and cold water supply
  • Complete piping system
  • Absolutely oxygen tight because of welded aluminium pipe
  • No corrosion because of high chemical resistance

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